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Boston Bachelor Parties!!!

Posted by Julie Ryan on Fri, Jul 29, 2011 @ 09:07 AM

Mohegan Sun
I've already given you some hot tips on Boston Bachelorette Parties and now it's the grooms turn.  We all know the stigma that goes with bachelor parties... well, The Hangover pretty much covered it, but I'm here to talk about other options for a bachelor party rather than blacking out in Vegas and waking up with a tiger in your bathroom.

My husband started his bachelor party with 18 holes of golf and ended it at Mohegan Sun gambling the night away with twenty of his closest friends and family.   He had full permission to go and do whatever he wanted but this is what made him the happiest.  No strip clubs, no bar crawls, no dance clubs... just a blackjack table, some Johnny Walker Black, and his favorite men.   Though he came home with exactly $7 in his pocket he was as happy as if he had come home with $1,000.

This weekend he's heading to Plymouth, MA for one of his best friends bachelor parties.  On the agenda:  pool side drinking leading into deep sea fishing leading into bar hopping leading (hopefully) into sleep.  They will then wake up for bloody mary's and play 18 holes of golf. 

Then in November he's taking off to Chicago for his future brother-in-laws bachelor party for a sports themed weekend of a hockey game, a football game, and lots of beers in between.

My point is that there are a lot of other things to do for your bachelor party in Boston other than the Foxy Lady. 

Here are some tips for an awesome Boston bachelor party:

  • Talk to the groom and ask him EXACTLY what he wants to do.  Many men don't like strip clubs or surprise entertainment showing up in the hotel room they're renting for a place to crash.  If he's not into that kind of entertainment, do not surprise him with it. 
  • Again, ask him what he'd like to do.  Formula 1 in Braintree, MA might be an awesome idea for a racing fanatic but not for guy that would rather catch dinner and a show at Medieval Manor.
  • If he's into The Foxy Lady?  Take him there and bring your dollar bills for him to give to the nice ladies.
  • Take a limo to Foxwoods or the party bus to Mohegan like my husband did.  There's no reason not to party on the way to your destination - you just have to let Accent Limousine be behind the wheel.

Above everything, have fun and spoil the groom.  This will be a night or weekend he'll remember forever as the nerves bundle before the big "I Do".

Again, be sure to be safe and call Accent Limousine for a hassle-free night of bachelor fun in the city.  That extra beer (or celebration shot) won't matter once you have one of Accent's drivers on the case!  Rent the party bus for the wedding or bachelor party!  They'll take care of all your needs from boston wedding limousines to a limo trip to Foxwoods to a fancy night out in the city whether or not it's Providence, Boston, Hartford, or New York.  All you have to do is decide where to go and Accent Limousine will take you there in style!

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What's the best bachelor party you've ever been to?

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