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Savor Boston with Accent Limousine: Petit Robert Bistro & Da Vinci Restaurant

Posted by Julie Ryan on Tue, Jun 21, 2011 @ 08:06 AM

I have a certain love/hate relationship with Groupon and the rest of those "deal websites" out there.  Sure I scored a deal for $10 to get $40 at Sel De La Terre the other day and I'm more than excited to use it (they have one of the best burgers in the city).  I've also scored the two movie tickets for $8 and the Girls Night Out events for half off.  Then there was that time in April my mother bought us a deal for a free house cleaning.  I called in early May to book them for mid June and was told they are completely booked and won't be able to come until late August.  Really?  And then there was that hair salon.  If you want some fun reading on a salon that should be shut down, go ahead and click on the link.

Anyway, I'm not a big spender and I'll never buy something I'm not 100% sure that I'll use.  I hate reading the articles saying that people are buying Groupons and letting them expire without using them.  That's the biggest waste of money I can think of.

Here's where I'm going with this.  I just heard about a brand new site called Savored that I think is going to be a serious game changer.  The way this new site works is that you pay $10 for a reservation at one of 12 great restaurants in Boston (they'll be adding more as Savored grows).  Once you pay the $10 for your reservation, you will go to the restaurant and eat until your belly is full all at 40% OFF.  Yes, 40% off your entire food bill.  You won't have to print up your deal or have to mention that you have some coupon.  That means you can finally take a date out without the awkwardness of paying for most of the meal with a Groupon - you can sit back looking like a big spender and only you will know the secret.  That's a serious score as you'll find a big debate all over the web on whether or not it's acceptable to use a groupon on dates 1-3.

As with all these other sites, due to Massachusetts law you won't be able to use this on liquor, just some scrumptious food.  Think of it though, now you can order two appetizers for almost the price of one.  You can try new things and not have to worry about your wallet.  It's all for the love of food.

My top picks on Savored:

  • Da Vinci Restaurant: My husband took me here on our first date.  We fell in love with the restaurant and ended up having our Rehearsal Dinner here the night before we were married.  The 30+ people at our Rehearsal Dinner still say it was one of the best meals they had ever had in Boston.  My husband later told me it was the most expensive date he had ever taken a girl on, but it was worth every penny.  I'm sure he would've wished Savored was around back them to save 40% off the bill. 

  •  Petit Robert Bistro: 100 days before we were married, we celebrated with a big fancy French dinner at Petit Robert.  I still dream about their Beef Short Rib Bourguignon and their Duck Confit.  As an appetizer, I'd skip the mussels and dive right into a gorgeous plate of their escargot.  On our honeymoon in Pairs we ordered the Bourguignon at a little bistro in Montmartre and I hate to say that I preferred Petit Robert's dish.

I'm not affiliated or being paid in any way to pimp out this new buying tool... I just know a good deal when I see one.  I've always recommended Da Vinici and Petit Robert Bistro and now that you have a chance to taste it at 40% off, there's no reason why you're not eating there.

Instead of dealing with parking in Boston to get to these fabulous restaurants, call Accent Limousine for a hassle-free night of fun in the city.  That extra glass of wine won't matter once you have one of Accent's drivers on the case!  They'll take care of all your needs from boston wedding limousines to a limo trip to Foxwoods to a fancy night out in the city whether or not it's Providence, Boston, Hartford, or New York.  All you have to do is decide where to go and Accent Limousine will take you there in style!


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