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Julie is a Boston based photographer with a specialty in photography for the web, a part of the Yelp Elite Squad — having been a contributor since 2005 — and has a passion for the Boston restaurant scene.  

She is an avid amateur cook and aspires to one day go to culinary school.

Julie Nashawaty, Boston Photographer

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Photo Retouching & Editing Services


Photo Retouching
Hi guys!  If you're a fan of Accent Limousine on Facebook you may have seen that I've recently started my own Photography & Retouching business.  If you haven't clicked "like" on Accent's page, just click here and you'll be updated on everything going on in the world of Accent!

So I wanted to let you know what my business is about.  If you head on over to, you'll notice a lot of pictures, a ton of editing, and a bunch of services that I can provide. 

Have you ever gone into the city for a big night out just to discover that some of the best pictures of your night ended up too dark, too bright, or photo-bombed (unwanted people in your picture)?  Well, that's where I can help.  I can fix your pictures!  I can remove the unwanted people, fix the exposure, and bring your picture back to the image you were looking for.  Could your favorite wedding photo be a little bit better?  Maybe there's a stray person or you feel you blend too much into the background.  I can help to remove objects and make the picture POP.   Did you spend the day sightseeing around Boston (or anywhere for that matter) and have a picture you want framed but want it to look a little more professional?  I'm your girl.  I'll clean it up, make the colors pop, and in no time it will be ready to hang.  You can find me on Facebook to view examples of before and after pictures and make sure to hit the "like" button while you're there!

So if you're a foodie and feel the picture you took of your entree from Abe & Louie's doesn't quite match the taste of it, you're not alone.  Just go to and a magazine quality photo is just a few clicks away.  And if you took Accent Limousine to Abe & Louie's in the first place, you must already enjoy high quality services.  You'll know it's the difference between a night out and an extraordinary night out. 

Let's make some memories!


Photo retouching service is very popular today. The reason is that some photos are not looking so much better and in these photo retouching is always required. You can see that photo retouching business is popular and this is the important reason.
Posted @ Thursday, March 13, 2014 1:32 AM by photo retouching
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